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Blog Design Part 3: At A Crossroads

In terms of blog design, I’m a little stuck right now. After learning all about design and how to implement UX and UI this week, I feel inspired to change things around a bit. The problem is that I’m using a template. And I can’t alter that template. Using Templates […]

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Mini Assignment 3: Storytelling

Music: Gaming Sound FX. (2018, April 3). Pizzicato Playtime – Comedy Background Music (HD). YouTube. Muholland, A. (2012, July 4). Music for Ceremonial Occasion Royal Fanfare & National Anthem. YouTube.


The Latest on King Charles’s Coronation

King Charles III’s coronation (the day when he becomes king… officially) is slated for Saturday, May 6th, 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London. So far, much of the coronation plans have been kept under wraps, but this isn’t doing anything to stop the buzz surrounding the big day. Based on […]

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My Digital Garden

Maybe my blog isn’t a blog. Maybe it’s a digital garden. Digital Gardens According to Basu, digital gardens are spaces on the internet that, instead of traditional blogs and websites, focus on growth and learning through constantly updating and editing posts. They’re more about creating personal spaces instead of worrying […]

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Audiences and Publics

Spilling the Royaltea invites everyone to indulge in the guilty pleasures of the royal family. Targeting an Audience The audience I’ve envisioned for Spilling the Royaltea mainly encompasses royal family enthusiasts. These followers like to read about people’s opinions surrounding the royal family and follow anything from their day-to-day activities […]


The Royal Disgrace

So, what’s new with Prince Andrew? A Quick Rundown Prince Andrew, Duke of York has been linked to Jeffrey Epstein a (now deceased) billionaire hedge fund manager for many years. They became friends in 1999 and continued their friendship after Epstein was accused of sexual assault against a minor in […]

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Peer Review 1: The Watcher 657

For this peer review, I looked at Anya’s website, The Watcher 657. It is a movie and TV show review blog, and I learned in her “about” page that she calls herself “The Watcher” because of an infamous mystery case involving a stalker with the same nickname. I think this […]

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