Mini Assignments , Pub 101

Mini Assignment 4: Remix

Poverty is a pervasive problem in the UK, with around 20% of the population, or 13.4 million people living under these conditions. My remix presents a juxtaposition between the UK’s wealthiest, the British royal family, and those suffering in poverty. The photo of the royal family standing on the balcony […]

Mini Assignments , Pub 101

Mini Assignment 3: Storytelling

Music: Gaming Sound FX. (2018, April 3). Pizzicato Playtime – Comedy Background Music (HD). YouTube. Muholland, A. (2012, July 4). Music for Ceremonial Occasion Royal Fanfare & National Anthem. YouTube.

Mini Assignments , Pub 101

Mini Assignment 1: Making a Meme

Prince Harry has garnered significant media attention lately for the very revealing confessions he made in his memoir. It seems as though he forgot that people might actually read the things he wrote about. Among the book’s many highlights, Prince Harry reveals that during a charity trek in the North […]

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