Piping Hot Take: Archie and Lilibet Shouldn’t Use Royal Titles

Disclaimer: This post reflects a considered opinion

It’s official. They’re “Prince Archie of Sussex” and “Princess Lilibet of Sussex.” After their parents ran away from the royal family and told the world how much they’d wronged them…

The Rundown

As per the 1917 Letters Patent from George V, male-line grandchildren of the sovereign, Archie and Lilibet, the children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have the right to use the titles of “Prince” and “Princess.” And when a spokesperson said in a statement that “Princess Lilibet Diana was christened on Friday, March 3,” we all learned that indeed, they would be using their royal titles. It’s been made even more official as their titles have been updated on the royal family’s website. Previously known as “Master” and “Miss,” they are now a full-blown “Prince” and “Princess.”

A spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan told CNN that the titles are the children’s “birthright” and talks of the title changes had been in the works for quite a while at Buckingham Palace. It’s inferred that King Charles III approved of these royal titles because, if he really didn’t want his grandchildren to have them, he could’ve issued a new Letters Patent. It’s probably for the best that he didn’t do this though… since tensions between him and Prince Harry and Meghan are probably running high enough.

Screenshot of royal family website for line of succession
Royal family website showing Archie and Lilibet’s new royal titles

After Everything That Happened?

Now, Prince Harry and Meghan have made it abundantly clear that they disapprove of the institution that’s failed them time after time. They’ve given interviews, written a memoir, and even made an entire documentary slandering the royal family and telling their “truth” about everything the family has done to wrong them.

So it really doesn’t make any sense why they would want their children to be “re-attached” to the Firm with their titles.

Why would they want their children to be associated with the family that’s done them so much harm? That’s allowed the press to tell lies about them and criticize Meghan for every move she’s made? That’s made racist comments about their son and how “dark” his skin would be?

They left the UK to move to America and start a new life away from the Firm and help their children live normal lives away from the gossip and rumours of the press. But now they’re making their children a prince and princess, which will inevitably put them further in the spotlight.

We Saw This Coming From a Mile Away

Will all this being said, it isn’t exactly off-brand for Harry and Meghan to be pulling something like this. They seem to be leeching off their hatred for the royal family in any way they can, and they’re making millions from it. Just look at their $135 million contract with Netflix to create documentaries, feature films, and more.

They seem to be loving the fame they’re getting from their association/non-association with the royal family: They step away to protect themselves from the press, but then they make a documentary putting them back in the press. They protect their children from the Firm, but then they give them royal titles.

Now that they’ve alienated themselves from the family, they can’t just come running back when their children have the opportunity to receive a royal title. They chose their path. Now they have to live with the consequences.


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