Piping Hot Take: Princess Charlotte Should Become Queen

Disclaimer: This post reflects a considered opinion

With the British Royal Family’s laws of succession, Prince George, the heir’s first-born child, is poised to become the future king. However, his younger sister, Princess Charlotte has made quite a name for herself in recent years. With her perfect royal etiquette and her confident personality, she’s giving her older brother a run for his money. Here are the top three reasons why Princess Charlotte has proved she’s worthy of becoming Queen… perhaps over her brother.

She’s Confident

Princess Charlotte has built a reputation for being the most confident and independent out of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ three children. When Charlotte was just three years old holding onto her father’s hand, the young royal told photographers, “you’re not coming” as she walked into the church for her younger brother, Prince Louis’s christening. Her remark earned a smirk from her father, who was perhaps trying to hide his pride for his confident daughter.

A few years later, a five-year-old Charlotte refused to hold her father’s hand as they arrived on the red carpet for a Christmas play. At first, she let go of her dad’s hand as they walked through the entrance, and when he tried to grab onto it again, she pulled it away. It seems like she wants to show the world that despite the cameras and crowds, she can handle things on her own. Props to her!

While Princess Charlotte is known for her outgoing personality, Prince George is more of the shy, reserved type. At this point, it seems like a personality more like Charlotte’s would be better in a position that holds this much power.

She Knows her Stuff

Despite her age, Charlotte has already proven that she’s a veteran in royal etiquette. Her textbook knowledge of decorum was on display all throughout last year’s Platinum Jubilee, as she showed she’s not afraid to correct her brothers when they’re out of place.

The young princess first targeted Louis on a carriage ride during the Trooping the Colour ceremony. She, alongside her two brothers, waved to the crowds of adoring fans, and when Louis’s waving got a little too extensive, she placed her hand on top of his, signaling that it was time to stop. Then, during the singing of the national anthem, Charlotte noticed that George’s hands were placed atop the balcony. She subtly nudged her brother’s shoulder as a reminder to put his hands down, which he followed.

Royal etiquette is one of the most important characteristics of a good sovereign. Charlotte’s already got it down pat, and she’s teaching her brothers about it too. Is she destined to become the future Queen?

She’s the Boss

Those weren’t the only times that Charlotte showed her brothers who’s boss. In 2018, the Queen spoke with Emily Clay (10) who won a signed Bible as part of a school contest. She asked if Emily takes care of her little sister, and her mother was quick to chime in and add that it’s the other way around, to which the Queen commented, “it’s like that with Charlotte and George”!

Now, for Princess Charlotte to actually become the Queen, it would pretty much take a miracle. She’s currently third in line to the throne behind her father and brother, but this probably won’t last long. In the likely event that Prince George has children of his own, Princess Charlotte would fall a spot in the line of succession at each birth.

The only chance she has at the throne would be if Prince George abdicated, or if he chose not to have any children. For now, despite everything she’s proven, she’s relegated to the position of the Spare… ring any bells?


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