Prince George’s Big Role in the Coronation: Is He Too Young?

King Charles’s coronation is coming up on May 6, and more and more details are being revealed as we get closer to the big day. But one aspect causing “a bit of an argument” among royal family members is Prince George’s role in the coronation.

The Rundown

According to Marie Claire, all three royal children are set to play important roles in the upcoming coronation. But Prince George, perhaps as the eldest of Prince William and Kate’s three children or because he’s set to become king one day, is reportedly getting an even bigger role in the coronation. But his parents were worried that having this bigger role, especially without the support of his siblings beside him, would be too much to handle.

But a few weeks after the revelation of this argument between royal family members, George’s big role has finally been announced. His parents agreed that he would be a Page of Honour for the ceremony. A Kensington Palace spokesperson reported that “we’re all very excited about George’s role in the Coronation” and added that “it will be an incredibly special moment.”

As the role is usually reserved for boys ages 12-15, George will be the youngest out of all the pages, who have been chosen by Charles and Camilla and typically hold the duty of carrying the train of the King’s robes.

Repeating History

Growing up, Prince William was put into the spotlight and left to the wolves (or the British media) at a very young age. For example, the decision for Prince William and Harry to walk behind their mother, Princess Diana’s coffin over 20 years ago was widely criticized, as they were only 15 and 12, respectively. They have both spoken out against this decision, as William said in the 2017 BBC documentary “Diana, 7 Days” that it “wasn’t an easy decision.” Harry showed more regret toward the situation, explaining that “I don’t think any children should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don’t think it would happen today.”

Prince William and Harry walking behind their mother's coffin at her funeral in 1997. 5 men in the photo total wearing black suits: Prince Philip, Prince William, Earl Spencer, Prince Harry and Prince Charles
Prince William and Harry walking behind their mother’s coffin at her funeral in 1997.

So, given the trauma and pressure that Prince William endured while being forced into the spotlight, it makes perfect sense why he would be worried that this increased media attention would be all too much for George. And it also extends the question to us, the spectators too: is George’s role as Page of Honour too much for a nine-year-old boy?

The Verdict: Should He Do It?

The coronation role isn’t the first big role Prince George has taken in highly-publicized events. He was one of four page boys at his aunt, Pippa Middleton’s wedding (without his siblings beside him) and took this same role at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding with his sister, Princess Charlotte by his side. He even attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral with Charlotte, an appearance that required poise and maturity beyond their years.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in 2022. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are also in the frame.
Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in 2022

With George’s track record of showing incredible maturity at these highly-publicized events, he seems well-suited for the role. The only difference is that he’ll be the youngest one there, and he won’t have his sister beside him, who often reminds him what to do at events like these.

But perhaps the most important thing to consider in all this is George’s feelings toward the increase in attention, since he’s been known to be a little shier than his siblings. Despite all the outside opinions from his parents, the media (including us), and the palace, the decision needs to come from him. And based on what’s been told to the Daily Mail, it appears he’s on board.

So, Spilling the Royaltea’s take on George’s role: As long as he’s confident he can do it, so do we. We’ll be cheering him on from the sidelines on the big day!


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