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Mini Assignment 5: Create an Infographic

This infographic summarizes the most important aspects related to Spilling the Royaltea. These include the site’s tagline, navigation, community guidelines, and goals. At the beginning of the semester, I created a diagram explaining the site’s navigation, but a lot has changed since then. Therefore, using this infographic, I was able […]

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Blog Design Part 4: Summing it Up

Spilling the Royaltea has gone through quite the journey throughout eleven weeks of consistent posting. As my process posts come to an end, it’s time for one last blog design update as the fourth and final installment of the blog design process post series. Additions and Deletions At Spilling the […]

Peer Reviews , Pub 101

Peer Review 3: MindMediaRes

For my final peer review, I looked at Mercy’s blog, MindMediaRes, which is a website that analyzes media through personality theory, as stated in the tagline. In his about page, he explains that he’s been interested in psychology his whole life, and when he got into personality theory, he found […]

Peer Reviews , Pub 101

Peer Review 2: Foodie TJ

For my second peer review, I looked at Tara’s website, Foodie TJ. It’s a food review website that, like she puts it, explores her love of “good food.” As she describes, McDonald’s does NOT cut it on this blog. Theme and Customizations My first impression upon arriving on Foodie TJ’s […]

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Blog Design Part 3: At A Crossroads

In terms of blog design, I’m a little stuck right now. After learning all about design and how to implement UX and UI this week, I feel inspired to change things around a bit. The problem is that I’m using a template. And I can’t alter that template. Using Templates […]

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My Digital Garden

Maybe my blog isn’t a blog. Maybe it’s a digital garden. Digital Gardens According to Basu, digital gardens are spaces on the internet that, instead of traditional blogs and websites, focus on growth and learning through constantly updating and editing posts. They’re more about creating personal spaces instead of worrying […]

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Audiences and Publics

Spilling the Royaltea invites everyone to indulge in the guilty pleasures of the royal family. Targeting an Audience The audience I’ve envisioned for Spilling the Royaltea mainly encompasses royal family enthusiasts. These followers like to read about people’s opinions surrounding the royal family and follow anything from their day-to-day activities […]

Process Posts , Pub 101

Blog Design Part 2: Mapping it Out

Navigating Spilling the Royaltea is a very easy task, thanks to the menu bar placed on the top of the page which categorizes the content based on six different subjects. The above diagram breaks down each of the categories and what they might offer as I continue to build my […]

Process Posts , Pub 101

Blog Design: From Parties to Pretty Pastels

I began the journey of creating my personal cyberinfrastructure (aka my own digital environment) with a vision board filled with gossip columns like TMZ and Perez Hilton, which all exude chaotic party energy, colour, and bold fonts. I wanted my blog to look and feel like a typical gossip column, […]

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