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Piping Hot Take: Archie and Lilibet Shouldn’t Use Royal Titles

Disclaimer: This post reflects a considered opinion It’s official. They’re “Prince Archie of Sussex” and “Princess Lilibet of Sussex.” After their parents ran away from the royal family and told the world how much they’d wronged them… The Rundown As per the 1917 Letters Patent from George V, male-line grandchildren […]

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Mini Assignment 4: Remix

Poverty is a pervasive problem in the UK, with around 20% of the population, or 13.4 million people living under these conditions. My remix presents a juxtaposition between the UK’s wealthiest, the British royal family, and those suffering in poverty. The photo of the royal family standing on the balcony […]

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Playing with AI

The past couple of years have been huge for the advancement of AI. With ChatGPT, DALL·E and so much more, AI is entering the creative realm, which is scaring some and exciting others. It’s bringing up countless questions about copyright, ethical use, threats to employment, and more. So this week, […]


Prince Louis’s Best Moments So Far

As the youngest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Louis has shared the spotlight with his two older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte his whole life. Nonetheless, he hasn’t had any trouble standing out in his own right. Known for his cheeky antics and all-too-cute facial expressions, […]

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Peer Review 2: Foodie TJ

For my second peer review, I looked at Tara’s website, Foodie TJ. It’s a food review website that, like she puts it, explores her love of “good food.” As she describes, McDonald’s does NOT cut it on this blog. Theme and Customizations My first impression upon arriving on Foodie TJ’s […]

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All About Digital Literacy

This week, we learned all about digital literacy: Misinformation, disinformation, malformation, and all that good stuff to ensure we aren’t believing and sharing things that aren’t true on the internet. My Digital Literacy Knowledge Over the years, I’ve learned quite a bit about digital literacy. For example, Caulfield, in his […]

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Blog Design Part 3: At A Crossroads

In terms of blog design, I’m a little stuck right now. After learning all about design and how to implement UX and UI this week, I feel inspired to change things around a bit. The problem is that I’m using a template. And I can’t alter that template. Using Templates […]

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Mini Assignment 3: Storytelling

Music: Gaming Sound FX. (2018, April 3). Pizzicato Playtime – Comedy Background Music (HD). YouTube. Muholland, A. (2012, July 4). Music for Ceremonial Occasion Royal Fanfare & National Anthem. YouTube.

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