The Prince and Princess of Wales on the left, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the right, walking outside of Windsor Castle to greet fans who are mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II

So what’s the tea on Olivia?

About Me

The British royal family has always been a huge subject of contention in my house. My mom was (and still is) the Queen’s #1 fan and defender, while my dad slanders the royal family, ensuring he reminds her that it’s nothing more than a representation of white supremacy. And with Harry and Meghan’s recent endeavours into the documentary and book publishing worlds, arguments between my Team Harry and Meghan dad and Team The Firm mom have only gotten more heated. So, because I’ve grown up hearing everything about the royal family from many different perspectives, I’ve decided that it’s time to finally write about mine.

About the Blog

Spilling the Royaltea covers everything to do with the royal family, from my controversial hot takes to coverage and musings on their everyday doings. It’s an all-in-one site for considered opinions on the royal family, from someone who, despite the constant bickering in my house, still hasn’t decided whether she’s pro- or anti-royal family. All I know is that they’re pretty fascinating people and I think about them a lot. So, whether you love Meghan or you hate her, there’s something for everyone.


O’Connor, K. (2022). The Prince and Princess of Wales accompanied by the Duke And Duchess of Sussex greet wellwishers outside Windsor Castle [Photograph]. Getty Images.

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